Through Chania Experience Tours, and your private tour that we create together, I will not only share insider tips, stories, and glimpses of daily life on the island but also tailor your Chania excursion to suit your particular interests. I look forward to showing you the best of Chania & all Crete and enjoying this experience together!!
You can spend a month in Crete and not see everything there is to see. As a true local, I know most (if not all!) of the hidden beauties of Crete and together we will make it a full fun day to remember.
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More Private Tours

There’s plenty more than just great beaches! We offer various hiking, food and wine private tours that you can choose from.

sunset of souda bay

Delicious local stops
On our food tours, you will take an extraordinary journey through the Cretan flavors and taste the real Cretan way of life.

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Optional activities
There are many additional activities to experience while on tour, including visits to local wineries, breweries and olive oil factories.

Hiking or Yachting
There is a lot of natural beauties to discover through hiking or renting a boat to explore beaches not accessible via car.

eat like a local food private tours example image

Eat like a local
Food has the ability to tell you a story of a destination, its landscapes, and culture on a single plate. Get to savor the best authentic and traditional Cretan food.

Are you struggling to plan your trip to Chania?

With so many things to do and see in Chania, i have picked the top beaches, attractions and activities, and put together a comprehensive travel e-guide.
If you need further information or have questions about your trip to Chania or local culture, book a 30-min consultation meeting today! Click for more info

why us

Private, Flexible, Tailored Tours

Our private tours are flexible and can be tailored to meet your unique travel needs.

Licensed Tour Service Vehicle

Officially licensed by the Greek Ministry of Tourism, you can expect serious, reliable and professional travel services. 

Health and Safety

The driver and tour guide is first aid trained and carries all the essential first aid items to ensure the safety and security of all clients and their families.