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chania holiday planning ebook guide

This e-guide will help you with your Chania holiday planning. Created by Chania Experience Tours breaks down the best of Chania into helpful lists of beaches, archeological museums and sites, gorges and lakes, monasteries and activities that one should explore when visiting Chania. Each section includes a brief description, photos, location information, and general tips.

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holiday consulting

By joining this online experience, you will not only save yourself a great deal of time and effort in researching what to do and where to go, but also get all your questions answered.

I am here to listen to your requirements, interests, and personal preferences and offer expert, independent advice on the different options available. In this holiday consulting meeting, I will not only share my love for Crete, deep local knowledge, and first-hand experience, but also share information and recommendations on your personal preferences and needs, including but not limited to food and drink, beaches, hiking trails, historical attractions. In conclusion, my ultimate goal is to experience the city like a local!

Why choose this service?

Get the best value for your time and money

Enjoy your time in Chania as a local would 

Receive recommendations based on your interests

Reduce your holiday research time

I love to travel and fully understand how important it is to have insider tips when visiting a new destination. Therefore, I can help ensure your trip to Crete is one you will never forget by simply helping you avoid all the tourist traps, finding the places which give the most authentic Cretan experience, and experiencing the uniqueness of this truly blessed land.

Our session will begin by discussing how to make the best use of your time. Do you focus on the beaches? Dedicate a trip to the great outdoors? Relax and party in the Old Town? All of the above? Every individual traveller and each trip has different requirements and constraints. What’s the best time of the year to visit? How to get from A to B? How much will the accommodation cost? What’s a realistic budget? Where to park in the city? These are only just a few of the questions that travellers tend to ask. Moreover, after our 30-minute chat, I will send you a pdf file with all the information categorised by places of interest.


We found Yannis and his company during our stay in Crete, Greece and we couldn’t have been more happier with our experience. Yannis provided us with a custom trip/tour recommendation for each day of our stay, covering the unique, most noteworthy location to visit. He provided us with a clear itinerary for our trip/tour along with Google Map instructions and directions, which were super helpful. What was surprising was how quickly Yannis understood our preferences, which he was able to incorporate into his suggestions. He was quick to respond, professional in his interaction and always willing to provide his tips and insights on the “best” restaurants, views, hidden spots that you would generally not find as a tourist. I highly recommend his services.


Chania experience tours wonderfully curated our 2-week stay in Chania/Crete. Yiannis has such a wealth of experience and information for the visitors and all of his recommendations (destinations, tours, restaurants, people) were really spot on and it made us want to come back next year to experience more of Crete. I would definitely recommend consulting with Chania experience tours when planning a trip to Crete to make sure you can make your trip well-curated! Thank you again Yiannis!


I used Chania Experience when I first visited Crete and they made my visit 100 times better. They took care of every aspect of the trip including pick ups and accommodations. They provided the best itinerary and suggestions that are tailored made for us. I particularly liked that the suggestions are based on what locals would really eat and do. You cannot get those information from other tourist sites. The communication was immediate and very smooth. I highly recommend using the service.