Chania City Tour

Experience the best this city has to offer, from its vibrant city centre to its breathtaking countryside.

Elafonisi Pink beach

Visit the exotic beach with its magnificent pink sand and turquoise water. A short distance from Elafonisi, is a famous site of pilgrimage on Crete which includes a folklore museum too.

Oronge blue bar, Falasarna, Chania

Falasarna Sunset

Visit the best beach of Crete and voted as one of the 10 best beaches in Europe. Also, stop by a family company specializing in olive oil using millstones and presses.

Balos & Gramvousa

Swim in the most photographed beach in Crete and visit Gramvousa island its historical Venetian fortress, which still stands at a height of 137m, over the beach.

South Crete Tour

Cross the gorge of Aradaina. The 138 meter deep gorge is ideal not only for sightseeing or hiking but for bunjee jumping as well. The canyon ends on the majestic Marmara beach.

Kournas Freshwater lake

Visit lake Kournas, the largest natural lake in Crete and is located in an enchanting landscape. Then explore the hidden gems of the coastline of Vamos area.


Preveli palm forest

Discover the Kourtaliotiko gorge canyon reaching a height of 600 meters and are full of openings and caves, and then visit the end of that river in Preveli beach.


Knossos Palace

Explore the Minoan palace, Crete’s most extensive and important archaeological site. Knossos flourished for approximately two thousand years (starting somewhere in the 7th millennium BC).

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