Top 5 best seafood restaurants in Chania

Crete island is surrounded by beautiful blue Mediterranean waters, having a strong tradition of making delicious seafood dishes. From freshly caught grilled fish to delicious lobster pasta. Check out the Top 5 seafood restaurants in the Chania region for a special dining experience!

Maridaki Restaurant

Situated in Chania’s old town, Maridaki is a seafood gem. This family-run taverna specializes in seafood delicacies, offering a menu brimming with freshly caught fish, grilled octopus, and traditional Cretan seafood dishes. The intimate setting and welcoming atmosphere perfectly complement the delectable seafood feast.
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Situated in Marathi, Patrelantonis offers a seaside dining experience with a focus on impeccable seafood. From grilled fish to traditional Greek seafood specialties, this restaurant showcases a diverse menu that caters to seafood lovers. Guests can savor their meal while enjoying seaside views.
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Captain Feidias

Located in Sfinari, Captain Feidias offers a rustic and authentic dining experience by the seaside. Specializing in seafood, this hidden gem impresses visitors with its fresh and flavorful dishes sourced directly from the Mediterranean. The serene coastal ambiance complements the culinary excellence, making it a must-visit for seafood enthusiasts.
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Taverna Apostolis

Located in the old town of Chania, Taverna Apostolis is celebrated for its authentic Cretan cuisine, which includes an impressive array of seafood dishes. Visitors can relish in the flavors of the sea with dishes like grilled octopus, fresh fish, and seafood meze platters, all served in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.
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Kaiki Restaurant

Set along the Venetian harbor in Nea Chora coastline neighbor, Kaiki Restaurant offers a picturesque dining experience with stunning waterfront views. Specializing in seafood, Kaiki boasts a menu featuring creative and flavorful dishes, showcasing the freshest catches of the day.
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