Top family friendly tours in Chania

Chania has a magical mix of history, culture, and stunning nature. It’s not just a great place for adults but also perfect for families with kids. When the sun shines, Chania offers tons of fun stuff for both children and parents, making unforgettable moments for everyone.

Remembering Tips:

  • Hydration and Sun Protection: With the summer heat, staying hydrated and applying sunscreen are essential.
  • Comfortable Attire: Ensure kids are dressed comfortably, especially for beach outings and walking tours.
  • Plan and Pace: Plan activities considering the kids’ energy levels and interests, balancing adventure with relaxation.

Chania opens its arms to families seeking unforgettable summer escapades. With its blend of natural beauty, history, and engaging activities, this Cretan gem promises cherished memories and boundless fun for both kids and adults alike.

elafonisi beach from top view, sunbeds pink beach
A Day Tour Elafonisi Pink Beach

Known for its pinkish sand and shallow, warm waters, Elafonissi is a postcard-perfect beach on the southwestern coast. The beach is adorned with small islets and sandbars, making it a wonderful spot for leisurely strolls and exploring. The vibrant colors of the sand, the shallow pools, and the clear sea create a stunning natural palette.
*Around 10 min walking from the parking spot.
** limited sunbeds

Explore The Old Venetian Harbor

Take a stroll through Chania’s enchanting Old Town, a labyrinth of narrow streets lined with charming shops and inviting eateries. Kids will love exploring the Venetian Harbor, where they can watch traditional fishing boats and visit the fascinating Maritime Museum. Don’t miss the chance to amble along the old city walls or visit the Archaeological Museum, offering a glimpse into the island’s rich history.

Walk in the Botanical Gardens

Location: Fournes, Nea Kydonia
Escape the bustle of the city and venture into the calming embrace of nature at the Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete. Wander through lush greenery, encounter local wildlife, and let the kids marvel at the diverse array of plants. Additionally, hikes through gorges like the Agia Irini or the nearby village of Therisso, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, can be exciting family adventures.
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Do An Olive Oil Tour At Biolea Astrikas Estate

Location: Astrikas, Kolymvari
Embark on a fascinating journey at Biolea Astrikas Estate, where visitors can experience an immersive olive oil tour. Learn about the traditional methods of olive oil production, from harvesting to pressing, and gain insights into organic farming practices. Taste freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil and appreciate the craftsmanship behind this staple of Cretan cuisine.
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Culinary Explorations

Introduce young palates to the wonders of Cretan cuisine. Engage in fun cooking classes where kids can learn to prepare traditional dishes like “dakos” or “kalitsounia” (Cretan cheese pies). Visiting local markets can also be a delightful experience, teaching kids about fresh produce and local ingredients.

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