Top 5 hiking trails in Crete

Hiking through Crete is an amazing adventure where you discover the island’s rough beauty, different landscapes, and ancient paths. You’ll find coastal paths with stunning views and mountain trails offering wide vistas. Crete has hiking paths for all kinds of explorers. Among the myriad trails, the Top 5 hiking paths in Crete stand out, each presenting a distinct adventure to immerse oneself in the island’s captivating scenery and uncover its hidden treasures.
Keep in mind that these trails vary in challenge and length, necessitating careful selection based on your hiking expertise and physical preparedness. It’s wise to assess trail conditions and weather forecasts before embarking on any hike across Crete’s stunning landscapes.

 Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge is the most famous trekking gorge in Europe and a part of the European E4 hiking trail. For many visitors, it is the sole purpose of their visit to Crete. The length of the gorge reaches 14.5km and takes about 5 7 hours to hike from Omalos plateau to Agia Roumeli beach. The gorge is located at the south of Chania Prefecture in the larger uninhabited area of Europe, where no roads even exist. It was created by the river flowing between the main massif of the White Mountains Lefka Ori) and Mountain Volakias
*Top hike destination of Crete

Imbros Gorge

Imbros Gorge in Sfakia is the third most visited gorge in Crete and belongs to the E4 European hiking trail. The scenery is beautiful and the low difficulty makes the descent of Imbros ideal for families with children. The length of the gorge is 1km and the course lasts 2 3 hours. The route starts from the small village of Imbros, 700m above sea level. While descending, the canyon narrows continuously, the sidewalls rise higher and the scenery is impressive. Here you will see various caves, old cypresses, oaks and maples popping up through the rocks.
*After the hiking visit Sfakia village and ilingas beach or rent a boat to visit Marmara beach and Loutro village.

Aradena Gorge

The deepest, longest (15km) and one of the most interesting gorges in Chania is the gorge of Aradena . The 138 metre deep gorge is ideal for sightseeing, hiking, and bungee jumping. The trekking inside the canyon until the exit on the majestic Marmara beach is an unforgettable
experience for those who attempt the descent of the canyon. There are two starting points, one being the underground stream of cave Drakolakki (15km trail) and the other Aradena village at the middle of the gorge length (7km trail).
*Park at Sfakia village and use a taxi to head to Aradena gorge entrance. Once you finish hiking s tay at marmara beach fo r swimming and lunch and then use taxi boat to visit loutro and back to Sfakia village.

Dikteon Andron

Located in the east of the island, Dikteon Andron is a long and winding cave that was believed to be the birthplace of Zeus. Within the cave, there is a 4-kilometer hiking route, which takes around 2 hours. Along the way, hikers are treated to a variety of spectacular rock formations, as well as rare plants and animals. 

Agia Irini Gorge

Agia Irini Gorge is formed at the west side of the White Mountains, in the province Selino . It is part of the European footpath E4, its length is 7.5 km and crossing it takes almost three hours. The gorge ends in the seaside village of Sougia , where you can enjoy a memorable swim in the waters of the South Cretan Sea. It is listed in the NATURA 2000 protected areas and has also been designated as a wildlife reserve. The gorge hosts the endangered Cretan ibex, agrimi, and is characterised by a variety of microenvironments and habitats for many species of wildlife.

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